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Reddit is an online platform where users can share links to content they think you should see. Other users vote on the comments, and the most popular links are promoted to the top of the page.

r/nhlstreams is a subreddit where individuals may share links to live NHL game streams. This allows those who do not have access to cable TV or subscriptions to watch their favorite teams play without having to pay for a service like the NHL.

After a long time of working to help many people watch free matches, r/nhlstreams has now had to stop working certainly because of the match copyright issue. Most of the links to the matches are non-copyrighted links. Reddit has reminded the moderators of this subreddit many times before. And finally, they made a decision to make it stop working.

What is the alternative to reddit?

Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most cost-effective streaming services. You may watch Confederate games on NBCSN and USA Network for just $10 per month. And if you pay an extra $10, you can get the "Sports Extra" sports package, which includes NHL games, NBA games, tennis tournaments, soccer, and other sports.


FuboTV is one of the greatest overseas sites for watching NHL games. Subscribers can watch matches from the national championship on a variety of networks. First and foremost, those are the NBC, NBCSN, USA, NHL Network, ESPN, and Fox channels. For users to have full access to most games, this will enough. There are reviews and theme programs dedicated to the next "tour" on some of them.

A monthly subscription to FuboTV channels is $65. In addition to sports, there are over 100 channels on various topics, plus 500 hours of videos on various programs. Users are also allowed to view videos on 3 devices simultaneously. For all subscribers, a trial subscription is available for 7 days without payment and other obligations.


The official NHL streaming service may be the best option for some fans. In Russia, it does not have a website, but you can still use it by paying with a credit card. The playoffs and Stanley Cup final will charge $19.99.

NHL.tv is available on a wide range of devices including phones, tablets, desktops, consoles, and media streamers like Amazon Fire TV. Yes, access rights in some countries may vary. It's best to check the app store before signing up.

Streaming services on NHL TV allow you to watch live matches, event highlights, and more. Problems may arise while accessing the video. To correct them, try using a VPN service. They will also come in handy when you need to watch some live NHL broadcasts for free.

How to watch NHL?

All NHL matches are streamed live in good quality, without registration, and absolutely free on our website for the free online broadcast of the most renowned and popular hockey competition in the world - the National Hockey League (NHL)..

Online broadcasts of all the matches of the NHL season will be available for free and in high quality on our website. Below, we present to you three video players where you can watch your favorite NHL match live.

To start watching NHL Network or NHL channel online, you need to click the start button and wait a moment. We wish all hockey fans and NHL have a great time watching!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch ice hockey?

Yes, many have taken this into consideration. Daytime repetitions of National Hockey League games come in handy given that they are shown at night.

Are NHL games being broadcast?

They are the best. Many games are available in 4K.

Do sites broadcast NHL games with commentary?

Streams with no comments are usually still available. On sports channels, you may watch the official broadcast with good sound, high-quality replays, and commentary. We discussed these previously.

Is it easy to watch NHL games on a smartphone when they're live?

Yes, there are dedicated broadcaster apps, as well as video and live broadcast players. Many people take advantage of this possibility.

Final Thought

We've discovered where you can watch NHL games. We've ensured that a large number of ways are now available for free. Each individual will select the finest solution for them. Let's simply hope that the NHL teams are satisfied with the amazing regular-season games. Hope everyone have a great time watching!